Natural Bamboo Cutting Boards - Set of 3

Natural Bamboo Cutting Boards - Set of 3

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These cutting boards are everything you want in a cutting board: strength, density, durability and environmentally friendly. Made of the highest quality moso bamboo, our cutting boards set will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen while giving the proper functionality to chop and prepare ingredients to impress everyone with your cooking maneuverability. Easy maintenance.

With oil and wax treatment, these bamboo cutting boards will shine and look beautiful. They don’t any odor or smell unlike plastic boards, and they’re easy to clean by tossing them on the dishwasher. After cleaning, use natural oil to preserve them.

Key features: eco friendly. Sturdy and durable. Cutting board + serving tray.

Includes 3 different sizes: Dia 6 inch W: x 8 inch H. Dia 8.5 inch W: x 11 inch H. Dia 9.5 inch W: x 13 inch H.

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