Natural Bamboo Picnic Table

Natural Bamboo Picnic Table

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Bambusi 100% natural bamboo bamboo picnic table portable wine & cheese picnic table for outdoor entertaining. The bambüsi wine table and cheese board will captivate the attention of your surroundings. Outlined to be conversation starter between guests and acquaintances, this elegant table is created with the idea to enjoy the outdoor with style. We chose bamboo wood as it is one of the best and most sustainable resource that is environmentally friendly and yet luxurious that leads the way in the preservation of a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

Portable and lightweight for weekend road trips. The collapsible design of our cheese board allows you to set it up in minutes without ever using any tool.

Under the main surface, you will find all the cutting tools on the hide-away cut out sections and place it on the hanging support on the side. Key features: • collapsible and portable. • no tools needed for set up. • eco and environmentally friendly. • cheese cutlery set and wine opener.

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