O is for Octopus Board Books by DK

O is for Octopus Board Books by DK

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The latest title in DK's charming alphabet series, O is for Octopuslooks at octopus-related words that begin with the letter "o."

Turn storytime into a fun learning experience with this charming alphabet book about octopuses!

Introduce your little one to the ocean world of octopuses! This gorgeously illustrated children’s book teaches kids octopus-related first words beginning with the letter O.

Go on a delightful adventure with octopuses! The friendly, read-aloud text and exciting illustrations will capture the attention of young nature-lovers in no time! Babies and toddlers will love learning new words about octopuses while practicing their O letter sound. This baby book is ideal for promoting early learning and language development.

O is for objects! Did you know that octopuses can pick up objects with their eight arms? Packed with bright pictures and short text, this engaging animal book provides curious kids with lots to talk about and look at! 

Explore the Undersea World of Octopuses

Prepare your child for the magic of reading! Filled with simple, playful facts, O is for Octopus is the perfect ABC book for toddlers aged 0-3 years. They’ll learn that octopuses lay oval-shaped eggs, what they eat, and which other sea creatures they are related to. It’s a must-have for every young child’s library!

Complete the Series:

Introduce little ones to the ABCs of the animal kingdom with DK’s brand new, beautifully illustrated alphabet series. From X is for X-ray Fish and Q is for Quokka all the way up to E is for Elephant and I is for Iguana, these baby board books are perfect for parents wanting to support young children’s interest in nature, animals, and the alphabet.

Age 0-3 years | Up to Preschool

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