Ocean El oceano (bilingual) Pop-Up Peekaboo Board Books by DK

Ocean El oceano (bilingual) Pop-Up Peekaboo Board Books by DK

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A beautiful pop-up book, with brightly coloured pictures, lift-the-flap pages and entertaining rhymes in English and Spanish.

This dual language book is a fun and easy introduction to the precious underwater habitats and animals that live in our oceans, and an awesome way to start your toddler learning Spanish.

- With an amusing story and simple read-aloud rhythms in both English and Spanish
- Rounded edges and chunky pages
- Big flaps and look-and-find peekaboo games that reward curiosity
- Eye-catching illustrations to start associating words with images
- Fun first words about habitats and animal life

Choose your language, read aloud the lively rhymes, and play with your baby to discover who is hiding behind each flap! From a tiny turtle living in the seagrass meadow to a jellyfish glowing in the depths of the open ocean. 

Un entretenido libro bilingüe, con texto rimado en inglés y español, y divertidas pop-ups para enseñar a los más pequeños los animales marinos y sus hábitats, y aprender idiomas jugando. Perfecto para desarrollar el vocabulario en inglés y español de tu bebé y despertar su curiosidad.

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