Ghostbusters Nerd Search: Eerie Errors and Suspect Ghosts by Glenn Dakin Hardcover

Ghostbusters Nerd Search: Eerie Errors and Suspect Ghosts by Glenn Dakin Hardcover

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A puzzle book with a hauntingly good twist. This is no conventional 'seek-and-find.' Each of the detailed, full-color pages is packed with out-of-context items and blood-curdling continuity errors that only a true fan can spot. The perfect holiday gift for the Ghostbusters fan in your life!
What is a Nerd Search? It's a chance to nitpick your favorite stuff! We all adore discussing our top movies and TV shows. Be honest, we even love to find fault with them. Well, here we provide the faults! This is not your ordinary search-and-find book, but a diabolical test of your nerdular knowledge of your favorite topic. Instead of simply locating lost objects, you have to spot tiny errors no one but an obsessive superfan could spot. Let us explain our categories... NERD ALERT Look out for continuity errors - things that just shouldn't be there. For example, it could be a character who wasn't in the scene, or a gadget that wasn't used at that point in time. In the Mr. Stay Puft-busting scene, for example, Janine should not be fighting alongside the guys - or the Library Ghost should not appear at all.MOVIE MIX-UPS These are items or characters that are simply in the wrong movie. If our featured scene is Slimer Showdown, from the first movie, then we should not see Dr. Janosz Poha from the sequel, cowering behind a table in the Sedgewick Hotel ballroom. Misplaced items can be anything from the Ecto-1 (before it was customized) to jars of mood slime or a stray spook. MYTHS AND MANIFESTATIONS To really test your ghostbusting credentials we've added five 'out-of-universe' monsters, spooks or demons into every spread. Simply spot if they are from the original Ghostbusters movies or not - and, for extra points, identify them! Our special feature on page 6 is there to help you.SUPER QUIBBLES There are just five of these in the entire book; they are errors relating to behind-the-scenes information, such as a character from a deleted scene appearing. Or maybe it is something planned for the movie that never made the final version. If you check out the scoring system below they will put you in reach of a score of biblical proportions, enabling you to hit a significant number...
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