Surfer Dudes Classics - Donegan Doolin

Surfer Dudes Classics - Donegan Doolin

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  • Hails from Bundoran Beach, surfing capital of Ireland. Enjoys dueling on the waves with surfin’ blokes, though, naturally, he calls it, “dool-ing.” Loves cold water surfing because, “She’s faster on ice, dude!” Boasts he owns world’s largest wet suit wardrobe, a necessity off the coast of Ireland and at Tofino Bay in Canada, another of Doolin’s favorite cold-water spots. Good friends with Hossegor Hank. Often seen with Hank and Sumatra Sam jamming waves off Cyclops and other beaches in Australia.

    Mantra: “Keep surfin’ laddies! May your joys be as deep as the ocean and your troubles as light as the foam…wherever you may roam!”
    Home Break: Bundoran Beach
    Fave Surf Spot: Supertubes, Portugal, the Pipeline of Europe
    Bust Out Move: Disappearing Act in the Green Room
    Fuels up on: “Anything but haggas, Laddie!”
    Best Surf Memory: “I still get chills watching the video of me in the Green Room tube—don’t know that I will ever have a run like it again”
    Best Beach Buds: Hossegor Hank, Costa Rica Rick, Waikiki Woodie, and Sumatra Sam
    When Not Surfing: Laddie, aye be chillaxin’ now!
    Advice for groms: “Don’t ye be a Barn’y!”

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