Surfer Dudes Classics - Sumatra Sam

Surfer Dudes Classics - Sumatra Sam

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  • Born in Sumatra, loved watching surfers rip it up at Paradise South Sumatra Surf Camp as a young grom. Became the Big Wave Guru of Bangkulu at Pantai Panjang in his early teenage years. Moved to Hatteras, North Carolina, for his high school years where he perfected his “Flying High Wire” act on the Outer Banks. Had some harrowing wipeouts in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. Undaunted, he’s been on a World Surfin’ Safari ever since. Spends his winters in Cocoa Beach, loves using what he learned at Paradise South to inspire and teach grommets how to bust out their very own Big Air Space Coast moves!

    Mantra: “3, 2, 1…LIFTOFF!”
    Home Break: Cocoa Beach
    Fave Surf Spot: “I love so many, but still like to go to the Outer Banks. Brings back great memories and I have lots of friends still there”
    Bust Out Move: Aerial Alley Oop and Re-Entry in my Flying High Wire act—“hey, why not, I invented it!”
    Fuels up on: Coconut, kiwi, and papaya
    Best Surf Memory: “Without a doubt, the number of grommets I have taught to surf!”
    Best Beach Buds: Bali Bobbi, Donegan Doolin, and Long Beach Larry
    When Not Surfing: “I love seeing cloudless sunrises—a whole day of great surfin’ ahead!”
    Advice for groms: “Listen to Bali Bobbi”

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