Stuff Every Dad Should Know by Brett Cohen Hardcover

Stuff Every Dad Should Know by Brett Cohen Hardcover

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We've put a all new cover on this perennial gift book, making it clear that the content is intended for NEW DADS expecting their first children. We've also given the old black-and-white interior a splashy 2-color makeover -- so this classic gift book is now even gift-ier!
Continuing Quirk's successful "Stuff You Should Know" gift book series, Stuff Every Dad Should Know provides dads and dads-to-be with a fun, informative, pocket-sized guide to the most fundamental questions of fatherhood. Full of the priceless, hands-on wisdom that all fathers need in order to instill that comforting sense of "dad awe" in their children -- from "How to Change a Diaper" to "Five Great Songs to Sing Your Child" -- Stuff Every Dad Should Know is an essential addition to every family's library.
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