FINAL SALE - Japanese Bridge - Wild Lupin Boucle Snood Scarf

FINAL SALE - Japanese Bridge - Wild Lupin Boucle Snood Scarf

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Liz began hand-weaving scarves in a bedroom in her cottage towards the end on the 1990’s and since, her ‘Monet Designer Scarves’ have become her signature collection. As with everything, Liz has a story to tell about how this happened. So in her own words….

“When I was about 15 years old I discovered Claude Monet. My art teacher opened the windows of wonder for me with his beautiful violet tones and painting style….what a combination and I was hungry to see more of his work. I didn’t know then the path my life would follow, into the world of colour and texture, and that Monet would accompany me along the way.

We had set up my loom in our cottage after some time away weaving. I’d ordered my first box of yarn which I excitedly spread on the floor. I sat in the middle of the colourful cones of thread, and thought ‘what next’. Inspiration came in the form of a book I’d bought about Claude Monet. I draped swatches of coloured yarn across the beautiful Impressionist paintings and I enjoyed it. The muse had struck.  I continue to enjoy and be inspired by his work, whether I am browsing my Monet artbooks or standing in front of a work of art in a gallery, or soaking up the colour and scents of his Garden in Giverny.”

Hence Wearable Art ~ Inspired by Art

Care Instructions: Hand-wash only in warm water with a mild detergent and rinse.
Squeeze out excess water. Hang to dry. Lightly steam and brush fringes for best appearance.

this is a snood style scarf, and is one continuous loop of fabric with can be doubled over if desired.