Highlights Find It Bedtime Board Books

Highlights Find It Bedtime Board Books

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Baby's First Puzzle Book

Part of Highlights Find It Board Books

This adorable first search-and-find puzzle board book, inspired by a popular feature in Hello magazine, encourages interactivity and invites babies, toddlers, and their parents/caregivers to read and explore together. Touch and feel the embossed pages and search for a star, book, teddy bear, and more while getting ready for bedtime together.

This interactive board book enhances learning and encourages bonding through play. With eye-catching artwork and simple words, every page includes familiar and comforting pictures about bedtime activities, including putting toys away, taking a bath, and reading a bedtime story. Plus, an opportunity to learn about shapes is featured in the final pages. Babies and toddlers will love this favorite puzzle from Highlights Hello (TM) magazine!


Age 0-3 years | Up to Preschool


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