Good Night Little Monsters by Adam Gamble Board Books

Good Night Little Monsters by Adam Gamble Board Books

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The hilarious little monsters in this good-night bedtime book come neither from Frankenstein’s laboratory, Loch Ness nor the Black Lagoon. They are neither zombies nor vampires, werewolves nor ghosts! They are our very own beloved children themselves… when they allow their mischievous natures rule the day. Lessons of politeness, kindness, and compassion are taught through silly slapstick humor in this ironic addition to the popular Good Night series. Little ones are encouraged NOT to drink from the maple syrup bottle at the breakfast table, NOT to play in mud puddles while wearing their best dresses, and NOT to tickle their little brother’s during naptime. They are asked politely NOT to play ball in the house, NOT to take cookies from the cookie jar without permission, NOT to dress the dog in mom’s favorite outfit nor to put lipstick on dad while he’s napping on the couch. You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out if these troublesome tots will or will not “please, please, please turn of the light, and say good night!”

Age 0-3 years

Education Grade Range: Up to Preschool
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