Scented Seashells & Sea Glass (8.8 ounce)

Scented Seashells & Sea Glass (8.8 ounce)

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Inis Scented Seashells & Sea Glass is a beautiful and unique way to fragrance your home, office or anywhere that could use a little freshening up. A perfect way to bring a little of the ocean to your surroundings.

Energy of the Sea is their signature scent that captures the coolness, clarity and purity of the ocean. Inis contributes to the protection and conservation of Whales and Dolphins.


  • Glass Vessel
  • 3 Plaster of Paris seashells
  • Sea glass made from mineral sea salt
  • 2ml bottle of Inis Home Refresher Oil

To Use:

Just pour a few drops of oil right onto the seashells and sea glass.  Refresh with more drops when needed.  Full Sized Inis Refresher Oils may be purchased separately.