The Happy Birthday Question Book

The Happy Birthday Question Book

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Send it like a greeting card, enjoy it like a book.

The Happy Birthday Question Book: Fun Questions that no Birthday Party should be Without Good Cake. Great Conversation.

Let the Party Begin! If there's a birthday, there's a party.

If there's a party, there are people. If there are people, you'll love The Happy Birthday Question Book!

It's a superbly entertaining way to spark instant conversations revolving around various birthday theme. The birthday celebrant can answer first, but then everyone else is encouraged to jump right in and share their own amusing answers.

Fantastic fun for ALL ages, The Happy Birthday Question Book just might be the best thing to happen to a birthday party since cake and ice-cream.

A sample: If any famous singer could personally visit you and perform a solo of "Happy Birthday to you," which singer would you choose?

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